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Hey…we get it!

Not everyone can spend a big amount upfront for “AIStaffs PLUS”.

But then we do not want you to miss out on the MASSIVE advantage that PLUS provides you over your competition and other AIStaffs members because of a price tag.

We want you to succeed and make more money creating and starting your AI-powered employee agency business like pros.

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Access to 10 New AIStaffs

  • Get ready to expand your AIStaffs horizons with the incredible AIStaffs PLUS Lite! With this upgrade, you'll have access to a whopping 10 new AIStaffs members and a total of 43 AIStaffs access.
  • The new AIStaffs members include a range of expertise that will help you take your online business to the next level. From Lead Gen Export to Legal Adviser, from Sales Coach to Social Media Expert, you'll have access to a wide variety of skills and knowledge.
  • Whether you're looking for assistance with marketing, product management, or even personal development, there's an AIStaffs member for you.
  • You'll never feel limited in your ability to get the support you need. No matter what challenge you're facing, there's an AIStaffs member who can provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to overcome it.

Paige Moore


A dedicated and detail-oriented Accountant with a passion for numbers and financial analysis.

With a strong background in managing financial records, reconciling accounts, and preparing financial statements, she ensures accuracy and compliance in all financial processes. Paige's expertise in budgeting and forecasting allows her to provide valuable insights and help businesses make informed financial decisions.

Jody Jones

Lead Generation Specialist

A results-oriented Lead Generation Specialist with a passion for driving business growth.

With expertise in developing targeted strategies and leveraging data-driven insights, Jody consistently identifies and engages high-quality leads for businesses across diverse industries. Combining creativity with analytical thinking, Jody delivers measurable results and helps organizations achieve their revenue goals.

Candace Zink

Legal Advisor

A seasoned Legal Advisor with a comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape.

With a strong background in providing strategic counsel and minimizing legal risks, she has successfully advised clients on a wide range of complex legal matters. Candace's expertise in contract negotiation, compliance, and dispute resolution enables her to provide practical solutions that protect her clients' interests and drive positive outcomes.

Brian Fisher

Product Manage

A dynamic and results-oriented Product Manager with a strong track record of successfully bringing innovative products to market.

With a keen understanding of customer needs and a passion for driving user-centric solutions, Brian excels at leading cross-functional teams and delivering products that exceed expectations. His strategic mindset, coupled with a strong technical background, enables him to effectively guide product development from ideation to launch, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Scott Schiller

Sales Coach

A dynamic and motivational Sales Coach with a proven track record of driving sales performance and exceeding targets.

With a deep understanding of the sales process and a keen ability to inspire and mentor individuals, Scott equips sales teams with the strategies and skills needed to succeed in today's competitive market. His expertise in building strong client relationships and implementing effective sales techniques makes him a valuable asset in maximizing revenue growth.

James Foley


A compassionate and skilled Therapist specializing in mental health and emotional well-being.

With a deep understanding of various therapeutic approaches, James provides a safe and supportive environment for clients to navigate life's challenges. His empathetic nature and expertise in evidence-based practices enable him to guide individuals towards healing, personal growth, and a greater sense of fulfillment.

Francine Mehaffey

Product Manager

A dynamic and strategic Product Manager with a proven track record of delivering successful products to market.

With a strong background in product strategy, development, and launch, Francine excels at translating customer needs into innovative solutions. Her ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and drive product vision makes her an invaluable asset in driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

Sandra Stagner

Travel Guide

A passionate and knowledgeable Travel Guide dedicated to providing immersive and unforgettable travel experiences.

With extensive knowledge of diverse destinations and a flair for storytelling, Sandra creates personalized itineraries that showcase the culture, history, and natural beauty of each location. Her expertise in logistics, local insights, and customer service ensures that travelers have a seamless and enriching journey.

Geoffrey Regan

Marketing Expert

A strategic and results-driven Marketing Expert with a proven track record of driving business growth.

With a deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, Geoffrey develops innovative marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. His expertise in digital marketing, branding, and campaign management enables him to deliver impactful results and help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.

Nancy Robinson

Dating Coach

A compassionate and experienced Dating Coach dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of modern dating.

With a deep understanding of relationship dynamics and effective communication, Nancy empowers her clients to build meaningful connections and find lasting love. Her personalized approach and proven strategies guide individuals towards successful dating experiences and increased self-confidence.

Access to 10+ Languages For Chat

  • Are you tired of losing potential customers just because of the language barrier? Say goodbye to language limitations with the amazing feature of AIStaffs PLUS Lite!
  • With access to over 10 languages for chat, you can now connect and communicate with people from different parts of the world effortlessly.
  • The feature covers popular languages that are commonly used, so you can be sure that you'll be able to reach out to your target audience, no matter where they are from.
  • Expand your reach, broaden your horizons, and increase your conversions with this revolutionary feature. Upgrade to AIStaffs PLUS Lite today and open up a world of endless possibilities!

Access to 5+ Languages For 2-way Conversation

  • With AIStaffs PLUS Lite, you can easily communicate with customers who speak different languages. No more language barriers to hinder your communication and sales!
  • You can converse with them seamlessly, build rapport, and gain their trust. With the added ability to understand and respond in their native tongue, your customers will feel more valued and appreciated, and this will lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • This upgrade includes some of the most commonly used languages in the world, such as English, Spanish, French, German and more.
  • With such a diverse range of languages available, you can cater to a wide range of customers from different countries and cultures. So, whether you're running an e-commerce business or providing online services, AIStaffs PLUS Lite is an essential upgrade that will enhance your customer communication and experience.

youAI - Build & Train Your Own Custom AIStaffs

  • The "youAI" feature of AIStaffs PLUS Lite is a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. With this feature, users can build and train their own custom AIStaffs to suit their specific needs.
  • This means that instead of relying on pre-built AIStaffs members, you can create an AIStaffs member that is tailored to your company's unique processes and procedures.
  • For example, if you want to build an AI lawyer staff member, you can upload your legal documents, contracts, and other legal training materials. The AIStaffs member will then learn from these documents and become knowledgeable about your legal structures, policies, and practices.
  • Once your custom AIStaffs member is trained, you can speak to it just like you would any other AIStaffs member. However, because it has been specifically trained on your company's materials, it will be able to provide even more tailored and accurate responses to your questions and concerns.
  • Overall, the "youAI" feature gives businesses unprecedented control and flexibility over their AIStaffs members. It allows them to create AIStaffs members that are perfectly suited to their unique needs and processes, and ensures that they are always up-to-date and knowledgeable about their company's specific procedures and policies.

Rebrand AIStaffs

  • AIStaffs PLUS allows users to completely rebrand, rename, and change the pictures of their AIStaffs, giving them full control over the appearance and branding of your virtual team.
  • With this feature, you can personalize your AI employee by assigning unique names, uploading customized profile images, and even changing the virtual clothing and accessories worn by each staff member.
  • This feature is particularly useful for businesses that want to maintain a consistent brand image across all of their marketing channels, including their website, social media profiles, and customer communications.
  • By rebranding their AIStaffs, businesses can ensure that you virtual team members align with you brand identity, message, and values.
  • Moreover, it enables you to easily update your AIStaffs branding as your business evolves over time. For example, if your company changes its logo or colors, you can quickly update your AIStaffs profile pictures and name to match the new branding. This helps to keep the AIStaffs appearance current and relevant, while also ensuring a cohesive and professional look for the business as a whole.



Let me over-deliver one more time…

When you lock in your AIStaffs PLUS Lite Upgrade, you’ll also get the ability to streamline the AI hiring process, making it easier to create an AI-Powered Full Time Business Team. But also get these features as extra add-ons:

Download Replies As Doc

Allows you to download all of your AIStaffs responses as a document or PDF. With this feature, you can easily keep a record of all the conversations and tasks your AIStaffs has completed, allowing you to track their progress and monitor their performance over time.

Whether you need to review past conversations, share them with your team, or use them for reporting purposes, the AIStaffs download feature makes it easy to export your AIStaffs responses in a convenient and accessible format. And with the ability to export responses as a doc, you can easily edit, format, and share them as needed.

Overall, this add-on feature is designed to give you greater control and flexibility over your AIStaffs conversations, enabling you to maximize their value and effectiveness in your business operations.

Change AIStaffs Response Tone

This is a powerful tool that allows you to customize the tone and style of your AIStaffs responses. With this addon, you can adjust the language and tone of your AIStaffs responses to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you want your AIStaffs to be more formal or casual, serious or playful, this addon makes it easy to fine-tune their responses to match your brand's unique voice and style.

So if you want to take full control over the way your AIStaffs communicates with your customers or clients, the "Change AIStaffs Response Tone" addon is the perfect solution!

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  • Access to 10+ Languages For Chat
  • Access to 5+ Languages For 2-way Conversation
  • youAI - Build & Train Your Own Custom AIStaffs
  • Rebrand AIStaffs - Rename & Change Picture of Staffs
  • Commercial License Included
  • One-Time Low Price
  • Money Back Guarantee


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AIStaffs GFX

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AIStaffs Reel Traffic

What if you really want to generate TRUE traffic…buyers traffic…traffic that optins in and buys from you?

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AIStaffs Pages [$299]

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Easy Video Sales Page [$97]

Create video sales pages using a proven, winning formula! A simple successful formula for quick sales pages all the time!

A sales page plays a very big role in converting your website visitors into buyers. If you create a sales page for granted, you will just waste your time, effort, and money in selling the services or products you offer.

With this amazing software, you are about to have those qualifications and expect a huge sale in your offers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Can I just purchase AIStaffs Unlimited?

No. AIStaffs Unlimited is an upgrade to AIStaffs app. You MUST have AIStaffs Advanced for this upgrade to work. If you purchase ONLY the Unlimited upgrade, you will need to purchase the AIStaffs Advanced and there will be no refund offered.


Is AIStaffs Unlimited Upgrade essential for AIStaffs campaigns?

A: No. This upgrade isn’t necessary and everything that’s mentioned on the AIStaffs website is included in your account. However, we strongly recommend you upgrade to Unlimited to get more features and unlock everything unlimited. You will need these in the future but by then the price would increase exponentially.


Can I think about this and come back later?

A: You can but the price will increase exponentially and to be fair to everyone else, we won’t be able to give you this special deal again.

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